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Fuel Smarter for Better Athletic Performance!

Athletes can level up their performance by fueling smarter during their off training days, game/event days, pre-workout, post-workout, during the workout, etc. Stop guessing on what, how much, and when you need to fuel. Our unique health & fitness evaluation process can give you precise fuel requirements based on your activity level and intensity.

What is our Health & Fitness Evaluation?

  • InBody 770 Body Composition
  • ReeVue Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Cardio Coach VO2 Max
  • DNA test

After you complete a Health & Fitness Evaluation, we will use your results to:

  • Create a personalized food plan
  • Review your results and plan with you
  • Help you learn sport’s nutrition fundamentals
    • Energy requirements
    • Fuel sources
    • Electrolyte & Hydration
    • Meal Timing
    • Pantry Essentials
    • Rest & Recovery
    • More!

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