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Summer Nutrition Coaching

We know your summer will include lots of barbecues, parties, campouts, vacations, keeping the kids busy and so much more! We also know you still care about your health and want to feel great! MoreEnergy can help you focus on your goals, while working around all those plans. We will give you lots of tools and guidance to have your most energized summer! 100% Online! What does it include? Institute of Functional Medicine (includes recommended food list and daily servings) Caloric & Macro prescription *for most accurate prescription see Evaluation add ons* 7 day meal plan Weekly Check-Ins with certified health and well-being coaches (real people, not robots) Nutrition Guidance Flexible communication done via text and email (to work around your busy summer schedule) Weekly Challenges (nutrition...


Most Of Your Calories Are Burned Outside The Gym

After clients have completed their Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test, they are eager to see how their metabolism ranks. Most are surprised to see their metabolism is much higher than anticipated while others may get discouraged it isn’t as high as they had hoped. Soon after seeing their results, they ask “is there a way to boost my metabolism?” Boost sounds gimmicky — like an ad for Skinny Tea or the promised benefits of a juice detox. Can you increase your metabolism? Most definitely. Let us tell you how.    Your metabolism is the number of calories your body burns each day. It has four components.   Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) is the amount of calories you burn doing absolutely nothing. If...


6 Week Walking Program

Adapted from My Fitness Pal Walking incorporates so many things that make us healthy: sunshine, fresh air, movement. Here is a great 6 week walking program developed by Jessica Smith author of "Walk On." Who is with me to start this great program today? When it comes to your walking pace, gauge your intensity on a scale of 1–10 — a 5–6 effort should have you breathing quickly, but still allow you to carry on a conversation easily. An 8–9 effort should have you breathing very heavily and able to answer yes or no questions only. Since your intensity varies with your personal fitness level, vary your speed and power to reach the recommended effort range for each walk. POWER WALK This walk is steady but strong. After walking for...