Corporate Wellness Programs

We are excited to learn more about helping your team become more healthy! Our corporate wellness programs are a bit different than other wellness programs you may have seen. We are not a one-size-fits-all, drink more water, walk more steps program. We engage with each of your employees on a personal level with individualized plans created to achieve optimal results.

We want you to experience the process first. The key member of your team will go through the entire experience for FREE!* We are so confident that you will want to roll it out to additional members of your team that we want the key decision maker to go through the process!

*NOTE: The FREE Evaluation is only valid if you have at least 5 employees in your company in Utah.

We follow our proven model of Evaluation, Envision, Engage and Educate: 

Step 1: Evaluation

We start with a 90 minute evaluation. This includes:

InBody Scan

Ready to find out the makeup of your body? How much does your skeleton weigh? How much water? Fat? Muscle? Are you in healthy ranges? If not, what would it take to get into a healthy range? Is your body in healthy balance and alignment?

This 5 minute process will show you: 

  • Body Composition (body water, lean mass, fat mass)
  • Muscle Fat Analysis (weight, skeletal muscle, fat mass)
  • Obesity Analysis (body fat percentage, BMI)
  • Segmental Lean Analysis (left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, right leg)
  • Visceral fat, pounds of fat to lose, and much much more
ReeVue Metabolic Rate Analysis

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m big because I have a slow metabolism. It’s genetic, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” It’s time to find out what your actual metabolic rate is! If you stayed in bed all day, you would still burn a bunch of calories. This is known as your resting metabolic rate. Based on your activity and fitness levels, this rate can change. 


This 15 minute process will show you:

  • Your Resting Metabolic Rate (calories burned each day at rest)
  • Your Lifestyle Calorie Estimate (calories burned doing daily activities)
  • Exercise Calories per 30 minutes of moderate exercise
  • If your metabolic rate is slow, normal, or high
  • How many calories your need to eat to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain weight
CardioCoach VO2 Max Analysis

You’ve probably heard about people that have extraordinary lung capacity which gives them the ability to exercise harder and longer than most people. A common way to test this is by doing a VO2 Max Analysis.  Get ready to run! Bring your workout clothes to your assessment. We’ll start by putting a space age looking mask on your face. This is connected to a tube that’s connected to a really expensive machine. You’ll start walking slowly. Over time, you’ll go a bit faster and faster … and then the treadmill will start inclining and get steeper and steeper. 

Sounds a bit challenging? It is! That’s the point! We want to see how hard you can work. At some point (usually within 10 minutes), you’ll call it quits. Some people might think this is fun. Others might think it sounds like torture. Everyone is very intrigued about their VO2 Max. 

This 15 minute process will show you:

  • Your Max Heart Rate
  • Your Custom Heart Rate Zones (so you exercise at the right intensity)
    • Your Low Zone (Fat Burn) and calories burned per min in this zone
    • Your Moderate Zone and calories burned per min in this zone
    • Your High Zone and calories burned per min in this zone
    • Your Peak Zone and calories burned per min in this zone
    • Your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds (you NEED to understand this!)
  • Your heart rate recovery speed
  • Your VO2 Max
  • If your VO2 Max is Very Low, Low, Fair, Good, Excellent or Superior for your age 

*This is an optional add-on for your employees

Individual health risk analysis

No one has a body that feels good and functions well all the time. Our bodies communicate with us through symptoms: Headaches, stomach aches, dry skin, constant runny nose, etc. Many times these symptoms relate to what you are eating, your daily activity, how you sleep and how you rest. We have an in-depth conversation about what your body is telling you. We check your blood pressure and do a fasting blood sugar and cholesterol screening with the option of getting more blood work if necessary to help us to come up with the very best eating and exercise plan for you.

Step 2: Envision

We will give you printouts of your results. We’ll give you some time to look through it. Most people will have some questions. We’ll schedule a follow up meeting.

  • We’ll answer all your questions
  • We’ll talk about the best, most therapeutic foods for you
  • We’ll talk about your heart rate zones and discuss best exercise options for you
  • We’ll provide you meal planning information
  • We will help you to envision and start crafting your personal health journey.
  • As an optional add-on, we’ll discuss pre-workout, in-workout, and post-workout nutrition

Step 3: Engage and Educate

Some people take the information and go off on their own. Others want us heavily involved. Most want something in between those two options. We’ll discuss how we can help you accomplish the health goals for your organization, and we’ll design a customized program for your desired level of interaction and your budget.

Common options include:

  • Large group coaching and teaching
  • Small group coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • CardioCoach VO2 Max Analysis and fitness/eating plan
  • On-site fitness classes
  • Lifestyle ledger with coaching for accountability and progress
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual follow up evaluations for all team members

Some companies hold employees to a standard, and as long as they meet those standards, they can participate in additional training sessions and evaluations. We’ll discuss those options with you.

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