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The 3 parts of the evaluation only add up to 35 minutes. Why does it take 90 minutes?

Once you arrive, people usually have a few questions. We then have some questions for you as well. We’ll talk about wellness goals, current activities, upcoming plans and desires, etc. 

After about 15 minutes, we’ll start the first evaluation which usually is the InBody scan. Once the scan is done, we’ll hand you the printout and point out a few things. While the scan only takes 1 minute, the conversation will take some time. This process is repeated throughout the evaluation process.

Where does the evaluation take place?

We have an office in Pleasant Grove. Part of the evaluation process happens in our office. We also have access to an onsite fitness center where the remaining portions, such as the VO2 max test, will take place.

Can you do the evaluation at our office?

Our equipment is completely mobile and ready to go on the road! Due to the size of the equipment, there is an additional travel cost applied to all evaluations that are performed outside of our Pleasant Grove office!

Is there a long-term commitment to the program? Is it more a pay-as-you-go program?

There is an initial cost per employee for the evaluation. After that, you will choose how you want us involved. Most companies pay us each month (if we are involved each month), but you can cancel our services at any time.

None of your packages seem quite right. Do you offer custom packages and pricing?

Absolutely! In general, there will be an initial cost per employee. We are happy to sit down with you and your leadership time and figure out your goals, and then determine how we can help.

What can we do if we want to get more aggressive (results, pricing, etc)?

We have a number of companies that have a typical employee plan, but some employees want to get more aggressive with their training, meal plans, etc. We normally set up additional agreements with those individual employees where they pay us separately. However, we are open to having your company cover some or all of those costs.

What can we do if your program is a bit too expensive for my team?

Think about the parts of the process. The evaluation is pretty important because it gives you the information needed to create the right plan for each individual. However, the data itself doesn’t do much without implementation of the right plan. If you know you should exercise in these zones, but you don’t create a plan, it won’t help much. If you want to just get parts of the program, we’re happy to help. But realize that the whole process, followed in its entirety will bring the best results.

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