ReeVue Resting Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is the conversion of food (calories) into energy. Weight, age, gender, body composition, hormone levels can all affect the efficiency of your metabolism. Because every calorie consumed requires a fixed amount of oxygen to be converted into energy, by measuring your oxygen intake using ReeVue, we can calculate the exact number of calories burned at rest. Understanding your body’s unique metabolic rate will give you a precise caloric prescription that is then used to create a unique, personalized eating plan.

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  • Nutrition education classes
  • One-on-one and group coaching
  • Plans and strategies for behavior change:
    • Altering mindsets
    • Overcoming food cravings
    • Redirect emotional and stress eating
    • Combat negative self talk
    • Navigate eating out, travel and holidays
    • Work through rough spots and plateaus
    • Fuel your body to achieve your goals
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