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Lori Coats

The way Michelle approaches things is so non- threatening and she doesn’t make you feel guilty, she just teaches and encourages you to do better. I know her personally and so I totally trust that she has our best interest at heart. She truly has changed our lives for the better and I will be eternally grateful to her!

Steve Coats

Prior to [MoreEnergy], I was experiencing a severe lack of energy both physically and mentally. In short, I was shot!!! I had lived with this for over 10 years and every year when I met with my doctor he would ask me “How are you feeling?” I would always respond the same “I don’t have any energy”. He did what he could, he ran all of the blood tests, EKG, a stress test, and echo and all came back within the norms. He did say I should lose some weight. I am 5′ 9″ and was 228 pounds at my heaviest weight. I lost 20 pounds by starving myself and did not feel any improvement. I knew that the only way to improve those areas in my life both spiritually and physically was to take control and I knew only I could make that happen.